How much does a Certified Translation cost?

Cost of Certified Translation in Ireland 


There are several factors affecting the cost of certified document translation services in Ireland; these include the size of the document, the languages themselves, the urgency, and the subject, along with other factors. We will go into these in detail later in this article. aims to offer the most value for money when it comes to certified translation services in Ireland. Unlike many competing agencies, we base our prices on page count rather than by word count (on average, about 9c per word). 

We pride ourselves in our easy-to-use service, where documents can be submitted online without hassle. For a quote, email us a photo of the document to be translated (or send it to us via WhatsApp or Messenger; we also have an uploading facility on our website). also offers a specialised service using translators experienced in the language nuances required for specific areas such as civil document translation, legal document translation, financial document translation, and technical document translation, to name a few. Learn about Certified Translation Services.


Why will I need to translate my documents for use in Ireland?

There are many situations where one might need document translation (whether in a personal capacity or for a business they represent). Let’s have a look at some of the more common ones.

Documents for immigration

If you are applying to immigrate to Ireland (or from Ireland), you may well require document translation if the country you are moving from (or to) does not have English as its first language. In such cases, an official, certified translation of the original documents from or to English is necessary. Examples of these documents include Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates.

Court documents

In a court situation, it is vitally important that any foreign language documents submitted are accurately translated into English; nuance is very important in legal language, and the slightest misinterpretation or inaccuracy could adversely affect legal proceedings. For this reason, it is prudent to ensure you have an accurate, certified translation of any documents you are presenting in court.

Examples of documents you might get translated for court use include Divorce Papers, Adoption Papers, Police Reports, or Criminal Records. You will need to keep this in mind when choosing a translation service; it is well worth paying the cost for a certified translation over a generic one to ensure its accuracy.

Business documents

If you are a foreign business extending your presence to Ireland, you may need to obtain certified translations of any employment documents and other contracts. As with court documents, the slightest misinterpretation can lead to issues enforcing a contract or could be taken advantage of if a loophole is exposed. Technical and business language needs to be very precise when it comes to contract law; it’s crucial that any document translations carried out are undertaken by professionals. These professionals should be experienced in the nuances of technical and legal language.

While a certified translation service may cost more than a generic one, this is nothing compared to the cost a poorly translated document can incur in a legal setting.

Educational documents

If you are applying for a college course in Ireland or using your qualification credentials when applying for a job, you may be required to have the certificates, transcripts, etc. professionally translated into English. These must be certified as a true and accurate translation of the original document. 


Reasons why the Cost of Certified Translations vary 


The combination of languages that require translating

The price of a certified document translation will be impacted by supply and demand. For example, there are an estimated 230 million French speakers in the world. In contrast, there are about 4.9 million speakers of Croatian in the world. As such, a French document translation may cost less than a Croatian translation.

How long is the document?

Naturally, the size of the document that needs translation will have an impact on your certified translation cost. Many agencies charge by the word; however, charges by page count. As one would imagine, translating a 50 document will cost more than translating a 20-page one. 

What is the subject matter?

The subject matter of the document that is to be translated will affect its translation cost. For example, a legal document or technical manual will require nuanced and specialised language, so may cost more to translate than a more generic document. Of course, in such circumstances a specialised translator is essential, as otherwise, the wrong word choice could lead to a compromising or dangerous situation if the document is misinterpreted. 

Rush Translations

Sometimes, you may require a document to be translated faster than the agency’s normal turnaround time. In such cases, you will need to pay an extra fee as this may require extra personnel and hours spent to effectively translate and proof the document within a shorter timeframe. Effectively, the cost of a translation increases should other resources be brought in to deliver it faster than normal.

Does the document include visual assets that need translating?

In some cases, a document may include visual assets that also require translating. For example, a technical manual might include pictograms that require their labels to be translated. This may result in an extra charge, as the translator may need specialist design tools or additional staff to undertake these changes, which will naturally increase the overall cost of translation.


Why Choose Certif for your Translation Needs?

There are several reasons why is Ireland’s leading certified translation service provider:

  • We’re cost-effective and transparent, unlike other agencies, setting our charges by the page rather than by word.
  • We offer the fastest delivery rates on the market.
  • If you can find a faster delivery time for a lower price, we’ll beat it by 10%.
  • We begin translation as soon as payment is received.
  • We guarantee to deliver your translated document within the time frame agreed; that’s a promise.
  • There are no hidden or additional charges once your translation quote is agreed upon.
  • We offer Certified Translation Services for over 150 different languages.
  • Express turnaround times are available for an additional fee should you require them.
  • Our certified translation service is specialised rather than generic.
  • All of our translators are vetted and hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics, Translation Studies, or a related field.
  • We have teams experienced in the nuances of civil documents, legal documents, technical documents, financial documents, etc. 
  • Many of our translators are native speakers of their languages.
  • We offer the fastest delivery rates on the market.
  • All of our translators are vetted.
  • Confidential handling of your documents and data is guaranteed; all our translators sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • We are fully GDPR-compliant.
  • Our certified translations meet the requirements of the various government bodies in Ireland.
  • Customer convenience is important to us; there’s no need to visit in person, and documents can be sent via email, our website, WhatsApp, or Messenger.
  • We can provide the translated documents in digital and/or physical form.
  • A notarisation service is available if you need the documents notarised for use in another country.
  • Multiple payment methods are available.
  • If you can find a faster delivery time for a lower price, we’ll beat it by 10%.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a certified translation online?

Yes. Our document translation service is online based (although we can provide physical documents too). You can simply email us the documents (a clear photo will be fine) or send them via our website, WhatsApp, or Messenger. It’s a very straightforward process.

Why are translations so expensive?

There are a few factors that can impact the cost of a translation. These can include the size of the document, subject matter (is it specialised?), urgency, etc. offers the most competitive rates in the market, charging by page rather than by word count.

What is the average rate for translation per page?

It starts at €30 for one page and then the price is reduced based on the multiple of pages. For example, a 20-page document will cost €200 and a 40-page document is €370.

How long should it take to translate 1000 words?

A 1000-word document should take 4-5 days to translate.

How long is certified translation valid for?

Certified translations have no expiry period.

Is a certified translation the same as a notarised translation?

A certified translation is certified by a translation company such as Certif. A notarised translation is stamped by a notary public.

Does a certified translation need a stamp?

Not necessarily, but Certif provides a stamp as well as certification.

Can I do a certified translation myself?

No, a certified translation must be carried out by a recognised translation agency.

Can I opt for Machine translation instead?

Virtually all state and non-state bodies will require a certified translation to confirm the work was carried out by an accredited translator. Machine translations are not accepted by any organisation.

How can I verify if my translator is verified? provides accreditation for all of our document translators. Every certified translation comes with a guarantee of the translator’s qualification to translate the given languages for that document.

What is the difference between sworn and certified translation?

When we use the term ‘sworn translation’ we refer to a translation that is sworn before a Commission for Oaths or a solicitor. can arrange for a sworn translation if you require one.

A certified translation refers to a translated document that has been authenticated and includes a certificate confirming this, in addition to a letter that confirms the credentials of the translation agency and translator.

What distinguishes an Apostille from a certified translation?

An Apostille refers to a stamped endorsement from a country’s embassy to show that the translation is official; it’s not the actual translation itself.

A certified translation is a translated document that has been authenticated as true to the original and is accompanied by a certificate confirming the same, along with a letter detailing the credentials of the agency and the translator.

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