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Urdu Translation to English Certified Translation Services

Certif.ie takes pride in delivering a superior Urdu translation service that distinguishes us from our competitors. It’s no wonder that we are a top choice when it comes to obtaining fully certified Urdu translation services in Ireland.

While many of our competitors offer a generic language translation service, at Certif.ie, we prefer a more dedicated approach. Each language we translate, including Urdu, is allocated a dedicated team of professionals experienced in the language. All of our Urdu translators are fully qualified, to ensure the highest level of authenticity, accuracy and quality when it comes to your translated documents. This is just one of the reasons we are considered to be a top provider for Urdu-English and English-Urdu translations in Ireland and across the globe.

Comprehensive Range of Translation Services

Our Urdu translation service is hassle-free, clear and simple; don’t worry if the prospect of having your document translated from or into Urdu seems daunting, we’ll make sure it isn’t.

Providing the highest quality and most cost-effective Urdu to English and English to Urdu fully certified translations, the Certif.ie Urdu translation team, are fully certified and have years of experience translating documents of all kinds. These include civil documents, for example, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates, court decisions, criminal records, diplomas, degrees, Urdu Adoption documents, Power of Attorney, etc. 

Our Urdu translation team also caters for specific fields of terminology such as financial, legal, academic, technical, medical and more. 

Easy and Convenient Process

We appreciate that time is precious when it comes to document translation, and we aim to provide the most efficient and convenient service possible. Just send us a scan or take a clear photo of your document for a quote; there’s no need to visit us in person. Once received, we will arrange a quotation for you and our Urdu translation team can begin translating right away. Your documents will be translated with the utmost accuracy and delivered timely at a very competitive price.

Our Urdu translations are fully certified for use not only in Ireland but also internationally. Certification by a Notary Public or solicitor can be arranged if needed, as can notarisation and legalisation for use in another country, along with the placement of an Apostille on the translated document. 

For premium quality, efficient, cost-effective, Urdu translations in Dublin, Cork or anywhere in Ireland, choose Certif.ie

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