Certified Translation Services in Ireland

We place our stamp, as well as our seal on the front face of the document so that whoever is receiving it, knows it is from a dedicated translation service.

At Certif, we aim to make Certified Translation services as convenient and hassle-free as possible for you. That is why we’ve made it so that you can get Certified Translations online—there’s no need to take time out of your day to come and visit us in person for consultations, drop-off, or collection. Simply submit your documents to us via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or our website and we’ll handle everything remotely, you don’t even need to leave your own home. Don’t have a scanner? Not a problem, a clear photograph of the document that is to be translated will suffice just fine.

We provide document translations online for over 150+ different languages. These include French, German, Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Ordu, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Ukrainian, Serbian, Arabic, Czech, Hindi, Vietnamese, and many more. If you don’t see your language listed, just ask us, chances are we can translate it.

Certif also provides the most affordable online Certified Translation services in Ireland. Unlike competing translation agencies, we charge by page rather than word, making our translation services more cost-effective. We offer the best translation service fees in Dublin, Cork, and elsewhere. Indeed, if you manage to find faster document translations online for a lower price, we promise to beat it by 10%.

We pride ourselves on our efficient and reliable turnaround time; when we tell you that your completed Certified Translation will be ready by a given date, we stick to that and won’t let you down. As an example, a 40-page document will usually take 12 working days. We appreciate that there may be times when you require Certified Translations faster than our standard turnaround times, and we can offer an express online translation service for an additional fee.

In some situations, there may be a requirement to have your translated documents notarised by an external authority (e.g., a Commissioner for Oaths, a solicitor, a judge, etc.). We can arrange these legal notarisation services for any documents translated online by us. These are sometimes known as Sworn Translation services.

Translation Services for Documents

Types of documents that can be translated using our online Certified Translation Services include:

For many official purposes in Ireland, you will require a guarantee that a translation has been carried out using an appropriate standardised procedure, and by a qualified professional translator.

At Certif, all of our translators are accredited and have a minimum qualification in translation studies.

When you purchase a certified translation from Certif, we place our stamp, as well as our seal on the front face of the document so that whoever is receiving it, knows it is from a dedicated translation business, and carried out by an accredited translator. 

In addition, we will also include the name and accreditation of your translator. Should the institution or body to which your certified translation is sent have any questions about the content of a document, we can follow up directly with them and even facilitate a consultation with our certified translation team.

We abide by the highest standards of quality control in linguistic output to ensure that your translation mirrors the form and meaning of the original text. Each member of our team is proficient in industry specific terminology, and all translations go through a process of validation before the final draft is released to you, complete with certification. On a daily basis we issue certified translations of official documents for governmental and private institutions in Ireland and abroad.

Accredited Translation Service Recognised in Ireland

Our documents meet all of the requirements of government bodies in the Republic of Ireland. These include:

Why Choose Us for Translation Services

There are several reasons why is the leading provider of online Certified Translation services in Ireland:

  • Cost-effective pricing that beats our competitors
  • Easy-to-use service online document translation service, no need to visit us in person
  • Reliable translation turnaround times
  • We never go over the translation price quoted
  • We never go over the translation turnaround time promised
  • Our team consists of fully qualified linguists and editors experienced in their languages
  • Our team includes translators experienced in specialised areas of law
  • We cover a wide range of industries



What are Certified Translation services?

Certified Translation services are translation services that are carried out by a translator who stamps and certifies the completed translation. The translation must be consistent with the layout of the original document. As such, the translator is fully responsible for the accuracy of the document.

Do I need a Certified Translation?

You will generally need a Certified Translation for documents used for contractual, civil, legal, state, or immigration purposes. A ‘freelance’ translation will not suffice in these circumstances. 

How do I certify a translation in Ireland?

To certify a translation in Ireland you will need to have it carried out by a Certified Translation agency such as Certif’s online document translation service. Our translators are all qualified and experienced in various disciplines and languages. 

What is a Legally Certified Translation?

A legally Certified Translation is one carried out by a Certified Legal Translator who must be supplied with the original document (as opposed to a scan or photo). A Certified Legal Translator will be experienced in the particular legalese and language nuance used in a given area of law.

How do I know if my translation is certified?

All Certified Translations come with a certificate signed by the translator, whose credentials are also detailed on it. It will also mention the language pairing in question.

What is the stamp of a Certified Translator?

The stamps of a Certified Translation detail their credentials and are signed by them to testify as to the translation’s accuracy.

How long does a Certified Translation take?

This depends on the size of the document, but as an example, a 40-page document will generally take 12 working days via our online Certified Translation service; you can contact us with your specific requirements. We can also provide faster turnaround times if required for an additional fee.