Terms & Conditions of Trading

  1. For the purpose of these terms and conditions, a customer is any person or corporate entity who makes an enquiry about certified translation services.
  2. Certif is the registered trading name of Ronan Deasy.
  3. For the purpose of these terms and conditions, professional services are the provision of certified translations between all languages.
  4. The customer acknowledges that the company does not provide interpretation services.
  5. The registered address of the company is Trinity House, 7 George’s Quay, Cork City, Republic of Ireland T12 NAX0.
  6. The basis of contract between the customer and the company is the customer’s offer to purchase Certified Translation services on the basis of these terms and conditions.
  7. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that an order and/or specifications of a product are correct, not the company’s. Every effort will be made to render translated documents in a manner which mirrors the original format, however in certain circumstances, for formatting reasons, the translation will differ to the original. Such a deviation will be expressly communicated to the client.
  8. No contract will be deemed to exist between the customer and the company until expressly agreed between the parties.
  9. Fees for professional services will be expressly agreed between the customer and the company in advance of any transaction.
  10. Fees for professional services are exclusive of postage and packaging fees.
  11. Unless otherwise provided for, payment for professional services is to be made by EFT, cheque or PayPal.
  12. An itemised bill of costs will be issued to the customer in each transaction.
  13. Fees paid to a third party in furtherance of a contract between the customer and the company will not be disclosed to the customer.
  14. Title in any intellectual property rights in goods and services provided will at all times remain vested with Certif.
  15. The Republic of Ireland and the European Union are the governing jurisdictions of any business involving the company.
  16. Certif, on occasion, make use of translators who work on a freelance basis and are not employees. This means that Certif may be required to pass personal data contained in documents submitted for translation to a third party. In accepting these terms and conditions, the customer consents to the sharing of personal data contained in said documents with a third party, namely a freelance translator. 
  17. The company does not engage translators who have less than the minimum required training or accreditation to work as translators (bachelors in translation studies, linguistics or a related field). Details of the qualifications obtained by the individual translator who carries out a certified translation will be provided to the customer. On request by a customer, the company will endeavour to furnish full details of a translator’s credentials. This request will be complied with within a reasonable time period.
  18. Certified translations provided by the business are intended for official use generally. The business is a dedicated translation agency and therefore fulfils the requirement to provide certified translations to bodies deriving their authority from statute in the Republic of Ireland. Such bodies may request further details from the business in relation to the authenticity of translations provided. Certif will endeavour to comply with such a request within a reasonable time period.
  19. The business is not associated with, in partnership with, nor affiliated with any state body. Any representation to the contrary by said bodies or any individual purporting to act on behalf of the business is false.
  20. The address for service of documents on the business is the same as the registered trading address.